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siddhesh Day 1

So I made it to what apparently is the last It was late as usual and so I did not miss much by reaching late. There was a bit of confusion about big grown men like myself coming in as student delegates, but that was cleared out fairly quickly when one of the organizers explained to the volunteers that miniconf speakers were to be admitted as student delegates. I am to conduct a workout today on bugzapping in Fedora today (day 2).

The beginning of was definitely less emphatic than before. Kishore Bhargava had replaced Atul Chitnis with the kick-off ceremony. That was quickly compensated however, by a really interesting talk by Danese on Wikipdia and its technical architecture. There was talk of an Indian mirror. That will be a very cool thing if it materializes. I'm sure one of the IITs can set aside bandwidth and hardware for them.

The wikipedia talk was followed by two completely technical talks; on page cache optimization in VMs by balbir Singh and the other by Lennart Poettering on his latest interest -- systemd. Balbir Singh's talk was quite interesting, where he ex[plained the problem of page cache duplication between guests and hosts in a VM environment. He went on to explain a few possible approaches to solving this. Lennart's talk didn't give anything new for me since I had been following the Fedora devel discussions.

Me, Shreyank and Rahul Sundaram then spent some time pulling artagnon's leg. We went back to the main hall in time to see Philip Tellis finish his talk. Rahul then followed that with his talk on failures in Fedora and what we learned from them.

We finally moved on for our Fedora dinner. Dimitris Glezos wanted to have kababs and we were told of a place where we could get good kababs. That was good, except for the fact that we didn't know where it was. After running around Forum mall looking for the place, we finally settled for Firangi Pani inside Forum mall. All that most of us ended up having was drinks and starters (kababs of course). Lots of them. That accompanied with Lennart and Dimitris discussing how they could get translations from Transifex to systemd with all of the commit log intact. We'll probably hear more about it once they actually reach a conclusion on that.

Now I'm sitting in the bus writing this post and preparing for the workout that I will be doing today. I hope I get a few bugzappers interested today.

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